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  • Do you have a Request For Proposal/Quote from DoD that requires RFID tags?
  • Do you have a Contractual Requirement from DoD for RFID tags?
  • Is your DoD contract coming up for renewal?
  • Are you preparing for the inevitable demand that will be placed on you to comply with the DoD’s RFID tag requirements?
Good news, Genecomm can help you meet your US DoD RFID tag requirement

No fuss.
...No worries.
......We guarantee error free fully compliant US DoD RFID solutions.
..........Our solutions are cost effective and fast.


Option # 1: Genecomm will print your Tags

  • Fill in the Genecomm’s DoD Tag Info Sheet, which provides the info needed for your EPC Class 1 Gen 2 UHF passive tags.
  • Genecomm will print your tags and express ship your tags to you in static resistant bags with a Certificate of Compliance, usually on the same day that you order
  • Peel and place your tags on your cases or pallets using our Tag Placement For DoD Guidelines
  • As per DoD mandate, you must verify tag readability prior to shipment
  • You will transmit through WAWF (Wide Area Workflow) on the internet your ASN (Advance Shipment Notice)
  • Human readable barcode labels can also be printed for your company records, or Work Orders


Option # 2: Genecomm will set up an independent hardware and software system at your company

  • Your new stand alone system will include a RFID printer, RFID software, ribbons, tags and will be fully set up by Genecomm
  • Genecomm will train your staff
  • Genecomm offers after sales services such as technical support,
    equipment maintenance and consumable supplies (tags, ribbons, etc.)
  • We make everything easy so you can concentrate on managing your


Option # 3: Genecomm will set up an independent hardware and software
system at your company + intergrate into your ERP system

  • For enhanced internal control, and ROI benefits, you may want to take
    advantage of RFID intergration for ERP.
  Genecomm on
  Genecomm has a unique expertise in passive and active Radio Frequency Identification (RFID), a rapidly-emerging Automatic Identification Technology (AIT) used in a wide range of asset management, security and supply chain applications. We are working with key RFID software and hardware manufacturers to delivery solutions to our customers.  
  Rely on Genecomm to become US DoD compliant... We save you going through all of the DoD materials and manuals yourself.  
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