Genecomm Technologies is a barcode systems integrator. Using auto identification technology such as barcoding, we help our clients create, organize, and capture data more efficiently and accurately. This automation process results in error free operations, labour savings, elimination of repetitive actions, real time reporting, and process control. Virtually every company can be improved by barcoding and other Auto Identification and Data Collection technologies.

Manufacturing, warehousing, and distribution facilities have benefited from the implementation of Genecomm solutions using barcode identification, data collection, software, and services. Our mission is to help you identify opportunities where reductions in paperwork, handwriting, and re-keying of data will produce fast and accurate transactions, resulting in useful and timely information to manage your operations. We have been successful in helping companies in such diverse industries as automotive, food and beverage, telephony, consumer goods, warehousing, etc.

We integrate a system that ensures the success of your project. We offer training, technical support, after service maintenance, consulting services, and many other value added services.

For assistance with barcode, RFID or mobile systems, please contact Genecomm.

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